Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dialouge - 5


Ok, I want you to know that our discussions are really great and helpful – at least to me in breaking more and more barriers……………..and one thing I want you to know clearly is that, until now, I agree with everything you say…..

Then, why discuss, you may ask…….we will take that up later…..:-)

now, I think whatever I do, I have to be HAPPY, otherwise, I don’t see any point in living to be unhappy…….then, my experience is that life is full of happiness and misery, and there are times, when I feel it is 90% of misery…..but then, we do see people, who seem to have a better hold on their life……..on closer inspection, we find that it is not a façade and they really are happy…….

now, I have heard some say (in a negative sense), that it is just futile, just hold on to anything you can get along and keep going till death catches up……you have got a life, so you have to live it……

Not for me now, because, if there is a possibility of a higher thing, then I don’t want to miss that………life, as it is (if you take the whole 90-100 years of your life-span), is a misery, no doubt about it…, if there is something called eternal life, eternal peace, I sure want to go for it……..

It is like Columbus being ridiculed on his theory of a round earth and an alternate route to India (circling the round earth)…….thanks to his faith, we have America……sometimes, “truth is stranger than fiction”…….another example could be the Theory of Relativity – according to which, a clock would slow down if it is taken around the earth in a plane (this has been proved and it is not due to any mechanical failure) – and if you stretch it further, it would mean than a set of twins, can grow older at different rates, if one of them takes off from earth on a rocket at a speed in the range of the speed of light……and so on and so forth…..

Don’t feel burdened by the amount of knowledge you are faced with or even life’s ups and downs………like they say, in a wax museum, the tiger’s statue can frighten you, while that of Lady Diana would have you enraptured…..but both are made of the same material – wax…….but see the difference in the reaction it brings in us……..going by the wise men’s sayings, the ultimate truth is the “building block” or the source of all things…, if you understand/know him, you know everything – as simple as that……….it doesn’t require any intellectual exercise to understand the Lord……but what is required is purity of mind and self…..for us to be able to “see” the Lord clearly…….and when you see him, all questions get answered……better still, all questions vanish…..and then, you begin to enjoy every moment of the gift of life to the hilt…….

There is no way to know it than by experiencing……only see that you keep your foot firmly on the ground always on quest……

As for the sufi saying----yes, marifa is the thing – according to the wise men, all evil/sadness springs from ignorance – of the fact that “there is neither yours nor mine”….advaita speaks about the ONE, and the rest being the illusion – Maya…..

God is love, god is strength, god is peace, god is compassion……..

Like the fragrance as well as the color is the property of the same rose flower, so is love, strength, peace, compassion etc. the different ways in which the truth manifests itself before us…….


And i do not intend to ask 'why discuss' question anyway :) since i am also enjoying our conversation rather than returning teh favour :D

As you mentioned we do want to be happy. but what is happiness? It's true that love, strength, compassion etc forms happiness and its also interesting note that they do not have individual existance. Actually if we look a li'l deeper, we call love for what we think as love, we really do not have anything to compare it against.

I do certainly agree with you on the point that if there is something higher, we really need to aspire for it. But my question is what if there is not? Question is whther to content with whatever is available to us or aspire for soemthing unseen, unknown and exist in theories as of now. We really dont know what is eternity... and what it to be like in eternity... But still we theorize about the eternal happiness... theorize about the eternal world. Wouldnt it be better to live your life to teh fullest here and live it by not straining and paining others. If the eternal world is happening it will happen without soembody's thinking it would happen or not. And when it happens, i dont think criteria to admission wont be whether you had beleieved in such a possibility or not but how you lived what is been already given to you(again this is also an assumption which sounded good to me).

I am not asking Columbus not to try finding another route to India, but asking him not to think he will always find India. And also it's quite easy to name what we found as India (he even named them Red Indians), where the actual India was still far. I am asking to consider the possibility of not finding too and be content with what you have found.

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